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This training, available in French and English, prepares you to succeed in the CCNA 200-301 certification exam by teaching you all key concepts such as LAN and WAN networks, security, cloud, virtualization, automation, as well as all the details of the CCNA exam blueprint.

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Networks, Security, Cloud, Wireless, Automation... It starts here.

All these fields require a solid foundation, and the CCNA covers all the essential requirements to introduce you to the world of tech. This training effectively prepares you for the CCNA 200-301 exam by spanning across 8 well-explained sections, providing you with the knowledge and skills required to achieve these ambitions.

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Your Instructor:  Guy Bisuku


I am a IT professional, specializing in cybersecurity, and holding multiple certifications from Fortinet, Cisco, CompTIA, and others.

For over a decade, I have dedicated the majority of my career to working with global and American giants in the telecom and cybersecurity industries, such as Fortinet, Charter Communications, Comcast, CenturyLink, and Level 3, serving various clients in the Denver, Colorado region in the United States.

I founded KBTrainings to share my knowledge online and help others start and boost their careers, with or without university degrees. The CCNA has transformed my life, and I highly recommend it to any professional or individual aspiring to work in telecommunications, networking, security, and many other fields.

Knowledge is now online, and opportunities are global.


With a computer, an internet connection, and a bit of motivation, the sky is the limit. Start learning today and build strong skills that will change your life forever.


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The Best CCNA Online Training!

  • High Definition Trainings Videos
  • Labs in Packet Tracer, GNS3, and Physical Demo
  • CCNA Community With Posts, Q&A and Live Rooms
  • Exclusive YouTube  & Website Contents


"What is special about this course is not just because the content is relevant but the trainer, Guy, is there “with you”, to provide help as you progress. I am a new student to this course but I am motivated and enjoying this learning journey. As I progress with next topics I will update my reviews."


"Great videos ,very clear understanding as a new student without any base in networking I’m very empress by his explanation and that motivated me !"


"Undoubtedly the best CCNA 200-301 training in English & French. KBTrainings explains very well and doesn't hesitate to go into detail to ensure thorough understanding. The various theoretical courses and labs are fantastic!

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